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Posted 22 days ago
The Pragmatic Engineer Test score for this team - plus any details points that are not (yet) a "yes": ***** Please get your score here:
10 We are under 10 engineers
  • Solve complex engineering problems at a fast pace.
  • Deliver high quality frontend & backend code against tight deadlines.
  • Collaborate closely with the founding team to deliver robust and comprehensive interfaces to core compliance and anti-fraud financial primitives.
  • Make pragmatic tradeoffs considering customer experience, business priorities and a sustainable technical baseline.
  • Influence the direction of Flagright’s frontend products and engineering culture.
  • Own and drive changes that increase the productivity of customers working on frontend applications.
  • Work with your teammates to own and innovate on the development experience.
  • Collaborate closely with the founding team and designers to deliver a great experience for people using your team’s products.
  • Influence the direction of Flagright’s platform, services, and engineering culture.
  • Hide complexity from our users behind simple, yet powerful abstractions.
  • At least 3 years of experience and interest in building software systems from scratch - we care much more about general engineering skill than knowledge of a particular language or framework.
  • Pride in owning projects to successful completion involving a wide variety of technologies and systems.
  • A high standard, of themselves and the people they work with.
  • Acute interest in taking ownership of technical design, implementation and results.
  • Strong and transparent English communication skills.
  • Problem solving mindset - see a problem as an opportunity to grow and is motivated to find solutions, thereby focusing on growth and achieving positive results.
  • Distributed NoSQL Datastores - Cassandra/DynamoDB, MongoDB
  • Event brokers and Queues - Kafka, Kinesis, SQS
  • Node.js, TypeScript, Go, Scala
  • Docker Containers
  • AWS Lambda, API Gateway, Fargate
  • Apache Spark
  • Work alongside a highly competent, top-tier team (Y Combinator, ex AWS, Zalando, Palantir).
  • Great career development opportunities in a fast-growing company.
  • Low-bureaucracy, minimal meetings, async communications culture, international culture, flat organization.
  • Significant equity option package at a YC-backed startup.
  • You’ll be paid at the top of your market level.
  • 24 days of paid vacation per year.
  • Relocation to Berlin is fully supported for this position including the visa sponsorship. Remote isn't supported.
  • Fast moving, challenging and unique business problems.
  • Possibility for relocation and international transfers mid-career.
  • Do something meaningful, help stop human trafficking, money laundering, child labor; Be a part of enabling the future of fintech startups.
  • Salary range €70k to €85k, equity options range 0.2% to 0.5%

Flagright is building the holistic compliance infrastructure to revolutionize the way startups deal with financial crime. We believe in enabling businesses to compete and innovate, and are on a mission to commoditize fincrime tooling for startups globally. Our solution helps stop human trafficking, child labor, sex slavery, and fraud among other crimes. 

It’s an API-first solution with a no-code back office portal. We are a Y Combinator-backed company based in Berlin, serving customers from four continents.

Flagright provides an AML compliance platform for fintech startups.
Size:  1-10 employees
Year Founded:  2021
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Gergely Orosz
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10/10 on The Pragmatic Engineer Test. Impressive!
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